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Protected Payments

The Administrators are not in a position to state when 3rd party payments (more especially but not limited to, the FSCS) are made to, or on behalf of protected creditors. Timings are the sole responsibility of such 3rd parties and not the Administrators. Nor are the Administrators responsible for the final adjudication of such 3rd party payments; again and more especially but not limited to, the FSCS, as such 3rd party adjudication is the sole responsibility of such 3rd parties.

It is presumed that claimant representatives (more especially but not limited to legal representatives) will (as part of the claim submission process) have read this website and thus understood the above. Consequently, the Administrators will not enter into correspondence concerning questions relating to the above.

Finally, the Administrators reserve the right to exercise any and all rights of insolvency set-off against any and all claimants (and their representatives) who notwithstanding the above, cause loss to to the estate. Such loss being incurred by increasing costs to the estate, through those protected claimants (usually legal representatives) failing to abide by the above, in but not limited to, entering into correspondence concerning the same.